Get Help With Richmond Snakes

Richmond snake

If you need help identifying a snake you found in Richmond, just email me a photo or two of the snake, to and I will identify it for you.

NEED EMERGENCY SNAKE REMOVAL? Remember, most of the snakes of Richmond, CA are harmless and good to have around! But if you have a snake situation in which you need help, below are some resources. Examples in which you may want help include:

  • A venomous Richmond snake on your property or in your house
  • A snake stuck inside your home, or pool, or garage, etc.
  • A snake that is aggressive or concerns you in some way
  • A nest of snakes on your property or even in your attic

FREE HELP: Contra Costa County Animal Control: (925) 335-8300

FREE HELP: Richmond Police Department: 510-233-1214

PAY A PRIVATE COMPANY: See below sponsor advertisement:

Established in 2000, we are a locally owned wildlife business that specializes in the trapping, removal, and relocation of snakes for both commercial and residential properties. We are fully licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to capture and relocate local species. We are not only experts at what we do, but we are also very passionate. While the majority of snakes in this area are non-venomous, a few are venomous. That’s why you should stay away from snakes if you sight one. The right thing to do is to call a professional snake catcher like us. Our professionals are always eager to listen to your concerns when you give us a call. If it’s something you can handle, we offer you free advice over the phone. But if your situation is more complicated, we give a ballpark estimate and also schedule a time for inspection. In most cases, we can get to your property that same day! After we arrive, we make use of our comprehensive 32-point inspection process to identify all the areas snakes use to enter your house. We then search for the snake, and we remove it either by hand or by a trap. Places that we search include your attic, crawlspace, basement, garage, and more. After getting rid of the snake, we seal all potential entry holes so snakes won’t be able to get in again. We also carry out repairs of vulnerable spots around your property. We pride ourselves on our humane approach to wildlife control. That means that we ensure the safety of the snake during removal. We never make use of poison! Also, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. We are available for emergency critter and snake removal. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there in a jiffy.

The above listed services might provide free Richmond snake removal, but maybe not. You may have to pay a company. Give the county animal control and police a call, and see. Read our article about:
Do snakes always inject venom when they bite?